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About Me

Counselor, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Friend, Mentor, Volunteer, Educator, Student,

I decided to specialize in anxiety as it is a struggle I have battled for decades.  I found the practices that were successful for me and I want to teach others what I have learned and offer a break from the chains of worry.

Background on me:

I worked in the corporate world for 15+ years and have a good understanding of the pressures of work and the importance of balancing a career with real life.  

I had a marriage dissolve after 17 years and experienced; first-hand, how to raise two kids as a single parent. 

I now have adult children and have watched them grow and be challenged by life and I completely get what those growing pains are like.  

I changed careers later in life and have a unique perspective for the challenges of creating new opportunities for oneself as well.  

I am currently remarried and reaping the benefits of my learnings over the years.  

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